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“Corporations and Democracy” looks at Massachusetts and California public bank campaigns

by Barbara Clancy Public bank campaigns in Massachusetts and California were the focus of last week's edition of "Corporations and Democracy," a radio show airing on Mendocino County CA public radio stations KZYX-FM and hosted by Steve Scalmanini and Annie Esposito....

Westborough over Wall Street: How A State Bank Will Reinvigorate Our Local Economy

by Ben Frogel Working at Central One Federal Credit Union through the Banking Finance Internship at Westborough High School, I understand the importance of local banking. Central One understands its members’ needs in a way that a national bank cannot because it is...

Public Banking Institute hosts Bank of North Dakota president

In late January, the Public Banking Institute hosted a town hall in coordinaton with Senator James Sanders, chair of the New York Senate Banking Committee, and Rep. Victor Pichardo, chair of the Assembly Banking Committee. The guest speaker was Eric Hardmeyer,...

January 9: Webinar on public banking as a component of a just and sustainable economy

Want to learn more about public banks and the role they can play on the city, state, and national level in helping to build a more equitable and sustainable economy? Join the California Public Banking Alliance online on Saturday, January 9 at 1 p.m. Eastern, 10 a.m....

Congratulations to BECMA

Persistance and data have sparked a change in how the Governor's office awards state contracts, as this story in the Boston Globe notes. In January, BECMA, the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, urged changes in how state contracts are awarded. They made a...

Pandemic Stimulus Will Accelerate Wealth and Income Inequality

The pandemic is accelerating both income- and race-based wealth and income inequality in the U.S. in several ways: the pandemic economic stimulus programs, the distribution of unemployment, and overproportionate deaths in Black and Latinx communities by Richard...

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