Learn more about public banking

Here are links to articles, recommended books, videos and other resources on public banking.

Note that we often use Twitter to highlight news or news articles about public banking, Wall Street, and the need for democratizing our financial system. Please follow us at @hubpublicbank.

by Working Group and Advisory Group members
Banking in Nine Words, by Dave Lewit, Hub Public Banking Working Group

Benefits of a Public Bank for Cities and Municipalities, by Steve Snyder, Hub Public Banking Working Group

Community Bank Benefits of Partnering with a Public Bank: FAQs, by Steve Snyder, Hub Public Banking Working Group

Recommended books on public banking, community finance, and solidarity economics
(Please consider ordering these books through your local independent bookstore.)

Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free, by Ellen Hodgson Brown

The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity, by Ellen Hodgson Brown

Checking the Banks: The Nuts and Bolts of Banking for People Who Want to Fix It, by Tom Sgouros

Creating Wealth: Growing Local Economies With Local Currencies, by Gwendolyn Hallsmith and Bernard Lietaer

Occupying a New Maine Economy: Creating a State-Owned Bank, by Randall Parr

Owning Our Future: The Emerging Ownership Revolution, by Marjorie Kelly

Web Resources
The Public Banking Institute’s Learn about Public Banking page features links to articles, videos, podcasts, and PBI press releases.

The Alliance for Democracy’s thematic journal, Justice Rising, published an issue on public banking which can be read and downloaded here.

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