Gwen Hallsmith, executive director of the Public Banking Institute, was Linda Pinkow’s guest on WMBR’s “What’s Left” last evening. Listen to the show for an excellent overview of what public banking is about, why it’s needed, where it’s been successful, and how the push for public banking has led to more popular awareness of the problems with our current monetary system.

Gwen went into the history of banking law in this country, and the connections between how US banking works to transfer wealth upward and our damaged democracy, and highlighted their latest project, the New Economy Academy, an online learning program that will educate people about the economic system, systems of finance and money, public banking, complementary currencies, community economic resilience.

We got a very nice shoutout from Gwen and Linda–thanks very much, and yes, despite our name we’re very eager to bring public banking to the whole Commonwealth, although since we’re mostly Boston-based we think home base is probably the best place to start organizing.

edit, Sunday 6-14: The interview starts about 20 m into the linked download.