H3543 reporting deadline extended

On Monday, May 9, the Massachusetts House adopted an extension order H 4383 by Rep. Aaron Michlewitz granting the Joint Committee on Financial Services until Wednesday, May 9 to make its final report on H3543, establishing the Massachusetts infrastructure bank. So the public has about a month to reach out to the committee and show their support.

Mayors, city council members, town or city managers, planning or economic development or project board members—we need you! Please contact the chairs of the Joint Committee to let them know the importance of lower-cost financing for the projects that you have done or wish to do in order to improve quality of life for your municipality’s residents.

Voters, if your state Senator or Representative is a member of the Committee, please give them a call as well.

You can find names and contact info, as well as some background on the legislation, in this post.

You can access the bill text here.

We have posted some supporting information on the bill, including a look at the difference between an infrastructure bank and revolving loan funds, how the bank could help build resilience in the face of climate change, and a look at similar campaigns in other states. We are also happy to answer your questions, so please contact us.

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