An informal survey finds interest in infrastructure

David Art, publisher of MASSterList, an extremely useful daily digest of Massachusetts political and policy news, events, and jobs, recently sent out a survey to readers, and among the questions was one on priorities for the Baker administration. Art notes…

“We thought it interesting that nearly 70 percent of our respondents put Infrastructure investment at the top of the issues the Governor should focus on in 2019, but the Governor’s recent inaugural address only references an $8 billion investment in MBTA infrastructure – not roads and bridges. Other issues you rated highly were healthcare cost (60%); The MBTA (54%); the Opioid epidemic (30%); legalized marijuana (30%) and our “Other” (26%) – (which had many write-ins for Education)… We took note of your suggestions for future MASSterList events with Infrastructure at the top at 60% followed by Education (54%), Marijuana (28%), and Gambling (17%).”

Bold-type emphases are the author’s.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at the response. Infrastructure relates to concerns about growth and congestion, private and public transportation, and climate resilience, as well as overall quality of life and growing income inequality, especially for those who are squeezed out of the market for walkable, high-service urban and suburban neighborhoods. We’ll be on the watch for the infrastructure-related events Art refers to as well.

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