Our group has lost one of its founding members: Joanna Herlihy, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who passed away at home on November 29. As a public banking advocate she was instrumental in moving us from our early focus on a public bank for Boston to our current statewide legislation. We will miss the precision and determination that she brought to our cause and our thoughts are with her family and her friends.

Joanna was someone who was just as willing to address envelopes as write legislation, and she lent her intelligence, her work ethic and her passion for justice not only to public banking but to many campaigns and causes over her life. She helped pass Cambridge’s rent-control law, joined the 1969 student-led occupation of Harvard’s University Hall to protest the ROTC program, and served as an OAS observer in Haiti’s first modern free election. She was an advocate for climate justice and an active committee member of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow party. She was also a farmer in Ontario for several years, and served a tour in Jamaica in the Peace Corps. She will be greatly missed.

Joanna’s family requests that donations in her name be made to the Haiti Democracy Projector the Schumacher Center for New Economics.